My health has improved!

David BealBefore I started chiropractic treatment by Dr. Bowman, I had so much low back pain that I could hardly get through the day at work. I would come straight home and lay down in bed until the pain would get better. I had pain in my left leg and both feet, as well as tingling in my toes. I also had trouble breathing from the pain. After just a few treatments, I started to feel a little better. I regularly have chiropractic treatments twice a week. My symptoms have decreased and my health has improved. Now I can swim, bike, and lift light weights. Thank you, Dr. Bowman!

David Beal

I am feeling better!

Sue ReimerMy name is Susan Reimer and I have been an enthusiastic patient of Dr. Bowman’s for at least five years.
When I first came, I had reinjured my back and Dr. Bowman’s skillful chiropractic care helped bring healing and mobility back to my body. Then I continued to see her twice a week for several months. She encouraged my husband to receive treatments as well, because a couple heals better when both are receiving care. It has been a great help to him as well and we are committed to chiropractic care. After being away for three years, we have returned and I am receiving treatment twice a week. Dr. Bowman’s encouragement and skillful care has been the best we have received. Although I wasn’t in pain, the regular treatments have helped me to become more limber and have strengthened my back so that I can even run a short distance without pain.
I am feeling better than I have in a long time and I owe my improved health to God and to Dr. Bowman.

Sue Reimer

I have truly benefited from her healing hands!

Judy CampSeveral years ago I experienced an episode of foot drop – I lost total control of my right foot and couldn’t even move my toes. The doctors thought the problem originated in my spine; however, the MRI showed no problem there. The nerve basically seemed to be dead, and the doctors couldn’t explain why, nor could they help to make it better. Their only solution was to wear an ankle brace to keep from falling, which was happening frequently. Dr. Bowman and I knew each other through our church, and she offered to try and help me. She was the only one who gave me any encouragement that the nerve might regenerate. She not only gave me adjustments, but prescribed exercises to help strengthen the muscles in my leg. Over time, in conjunction with exercise and therapy, the nerve “turned back on,” and I have since regained strength and the use of my foot.
I have continued to see Dr. Bowman on a regular basis, and have truly benefited from her healing hands. She encourages me in so many ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle. When I began experiencing nerve problems in the upper part of my leg last year, Dr. Bowman once again saw me frequently and helped restore the nerve to health. Regular adjustments have become a routine part of my health regimen.

Judy Camp

You’re a life saver!

Sarah Nam

I had come to Dr Bowman by introduction from my employer. I was suffering with back pain since I was in a huge accident since middle school. In addition to that, I had three auto accidents where I was hit on the side and rear. My back pain kept getting worse to a 

point where I couldn’t even sleep through the night because of my back pain. My shoulder was also constantly tense which ended up radiating to my neck as well. Even when I was sick with the flu, I couldn’t stay in bed to get better due to my back pain.

I had tried other chiropractic treatments, acupuncture, and physical therapy but it never solved my back problem. So Dr. Bowman was someone that I looked to out of desperation. It was the last thing that I was going to try before finally giving up and living on pain medication for the rest of my life.

I found Dr. Bowman to be very gentle, genuine, and cared for me as if I was her own family. I have never been treated using the “activator adjustment method.” I liked it because it wasn’t painful and quick. After the first couple of weeks, I found that my body felt much lighter, I had more energy and my back pain was subsiding. I found the adjustments she gave to be very effective. I was able to sleep through the night because I didn’t have much back pain any longer.

Even later, when I ended up being admitted in the hospital for two days from a freak accident, Dr. Bowman had me come in everyday for adjustments. I noticed that my body was healing and was improving dramatically everyday. I have been recommending Dr. Bowman to even my nephew and niece who are ten and twelve years old. I also recommended Dr. Bowman to my best friend and even the assistant at my dentist’s office. I totally believe in the adjustments that Dr. Bowman gives, that it improves a person’s immediate pain, but that it would be a method of living a healthy lifestyle.

I would recommend receiving adjustments with Dr. Bowman to anyone and everyone!

Thank you, Dr. Bowman! You’re a life saver!

Sarah Nam

I now believe everyone could use a regular adjustment!

In my past I’ve always had minor head aches, discovered different ways my body couldn’t bend, and found sores in areas of my body that I assumed where just knots from stress. I always thought that my head aches were from not drinking enough water, and that certain people couldn’t bend in certain directions. After my car accident, I walked away with a sprained neck, and everywhere else on my body was getting worse. Seeing Mrs. Bowman was one of the smartest decisions I’ve ever made. With only a few ten min sessions she has managed to clear my head aches, sores, and tightness around my body. She also teaches me different exercises on how I can make my body stronger, and more able to heal itself. I am free of head aches, and I feel my body has changed from being tense to being very relaxing. I am only 20 years old, and even I benefit from going to the chiropractor. Going to the chiropractor will later help me in the future. I now believe everyone could use a regular adjustment, and I will definitely be going to the chiropractor regularly even after my neck is healed.

Daniella Hernandez

Adjustments have made my life much better!

Dr. Bowman’s adjustments have made my life much better. I feel better and with less backache. With caring for a toddler, a young child, my elderly mother, it is important that I feel in the best possible health and shape. I have been a patient of Dr. Bowman’s for some time and I find much relief from my aches and pains.

Rose Marie Fisher